The Low Down On Double Glazing

double glazing
Double glazing is a great way to keep heat into your home, reduce your energy bills and reduce street noise all in one attractive package. Fitting double glazing to your home makes your home more attractive and offers superb insulation against the elements and noise. Here are some advantages and facts which you might not have known about double glazing.

Double glazing is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your home to help reduce your energy bills and enhance the appearance. Double glazing in Preston offers superb thermal performance and a range of benefits for any kind of property.


FACT 1 : The best types of window frame are uPVC window frames. They are the most energy efficient and require almost no maintenance when compared to other materials.

FACT 2 : Double glazed windows are far more efficient than single glazing and will save you between 25 to 50% on your heat loss.

FACT 3 : Lubricating locks and handles on double glazed windows and doors can help to increase their lifespan.

FACT 4 : Screws used in the installation process may become stuck over time. You can easily remedy this by applying lemon juice or coke, leaving it to soak and then removing the jammed screw.


Benefits of Double Glazing…


Easy Maintenance

Once you have had your windows and doors double glazed they are then maintenance free. They look great from the moment they are finished and unlike wood they will not splinter, peel, crack or rot. Frames are stylish and durable and above all hassle free.


Sound Insulation

Double glazing is a great barrier against outside noise. In fact, so efficient are doubled glazed windows and doors, they can reduce noise by as much as 50% when closed.



Double glazed windows not only look great but they also keep your home safe and secure. Windows and doors are the first point of entry for potential thieves yet these windows offer a big deterrent. The locks are heavy duty and fully lockable from the inside, they form a tight seal against their frames and being two toughened window glass thick, they are not so easy to smash.



Double glazing is an efficient way to stop heat escaping from your home. Doubled glazed windows consist of two separate panes of glass with an air gap inbetween. This air gap acts as an effective barrier against heat loss. This gap can also be filled with an insulating yet invisible gas which can further insulate the property.


Lower Fuel Bills

By retaining the heat in your home, double glazing means that you are not going to need to use the heating quite so much thus leading to lower energy bills. Fitting these types of windows and doors can dramatically reduce your fuel bills and give you a warm and comfortable home.

How to Maximise your Available Garden Space

garden space

No matter how big or small your garden, in order to maximise the use of its space it is essential that careful consideration is taken to ensure it is well planned out in a an aesthetically pleasing and user friendly manner. As such, here are some ideas for various garden structures that will enable you to optimise the space turning it into a relaxing tranquil outdoor area for all the family to enjoy.


A wooden gazebo creates a really impacting design statement to any garden space. Perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities including alfresco dining, they will prove a worthwhile investment to any home no matter how large or small.

Constructed from pressure treated timber to ensure maximum durability, a wooden gazebo can be positioned in any level location around the garden. However, in order to maximise the garden to its full potential, ensure it is sited in a position that will not prevent other aspects of the garden being enjoyed (for example in the centre of a small lawn)


A wooden pergola looks amazing installed over any existing patio area and will form an intimate outdoor space in which to spend time unwinding with family and friends. The additional height of the structure will provide added appeal to the garden and is perfect for growing plants up and over to create a floral canopy that will provide shade from the hot summer sun.

Relative to their size, a wooden pergola takes up very little ground space as only the vertical supports to the ground leaving the rest of the area free for positioning patio furniture under.

Summerhouses and Log Cabins

Available in a vast array of sizes and styles to suit your garden size, a wooden summerhouse creates a whole new room at the fraction of the price of an extension. Where space is limited, many styles are even designed to fit into the corner of the garden to ensure maximum flexibility of the space, meaning this form of garden building offers excellent value for money.

Corner Arbours

Rather than opting for a simple wooden bench, the addition of a stunning corner arbour will ensure any dead space is used to its full potential and will provide a comfortable seating area that is perfect for enjoying the view of the garden or relaxing with a book.

Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, a corner arbour can be stained or painted to match the colour scheme of the garden.  In addition to this, the lattice sides of this form of garden structure enable climbing plants to grown up through it to form a soft floral canopy that can help soften the look of the arbour over time.

In conclusion, any of the above simple garden additions will ensure your garden is used to its full potential by offering a practical, affordable and useable space to homeowners regardless of their size of garden or available budget.

Article written on behalf of Gazebo Direct, a leading supplier of quality garden structures designed to maximise the space available within a garden. Check out this page to view the entire range of garden solutions available.

Cleaning? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


Cleaning the home is a necessary chore which none of us particularly enjoy but to keep our homes clean and healthy it is indeed a necessary evil. If you need to clean up in a hurry because you are expecting guests or you just simply do not have the time, then fear not! Here is a quick run down of the skill of Speed-Cleaning the Home!


Blitz that Bathroom!
The bathroom is a room everyone is going to use and a place that your guests are sure to visit. If you have the cash, consider hiring a steam cleaner for your bathroom. Otherwise, get it clean in 15 minutes or less like this…

  • In the Bag – pop an empty carrier bag onto the door handle to use as a temporary bin for your waste cloths or rubbish and you can also empty the bathroom bin into it.
  • Flush – Flush the loo and grab some bleach, pop it around the rim and use a brush to distribute it evenly. Now move on to the next task and leave it for 5 mins.
  • Shine – Use a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar and spritz onto a paper towel or micro fibre cloth. Attack all those soap scum marks and toothpaste splatter on mirrors and tops, dust on toilet tops and clean the sink bowl. Water spotted shower doors can also get a quick blast.
  • Exit Strategy – Shake any bathroom mats or rugs to fluff them up and then use another dampened paper towel to wipe in the corners of the bathroom where hair and dust collects. Pop the waste cloths in your rubbish bag, empty the waste bin too and then give the loo a flush to rinse the bleach! DONE!


Conquer that Kitchen!

The kitchen is another room in the house where everyone tends to gather. Your guests, family and friends will be casting a judgemental eye over your cooking space, so give them nothing to raise an eyebrow at with these quick tips.


  • Clear those counters
    Cooking is what the kitchen is intended to be for, so shift all those school books, piles of mail and put any appliances you don’t use away in the cupboards. Squirt a mutli-purpose cleaner over the worktops and wipe the whole lot down including around any remaining appliances and into the corners.


  • Raid the Fridge
    Pull a food waste bin over to the fridge and get busy finding all those lingering leftovers, rotting fruit or veg and spoiled food. Take out all the items you are keeping and give the walls and glass shelves a good wipe over with anti-bacterial cleaner.


  • Don’t dodge the dishes
    Stop pretending that you are going to get around to that pile of dishes from the other day! Pop them into the dishwasher or wash them and put them away. Hide away any dripping washing up bottles and run a sponge over the stainless steel bowl and drainer. Polish up with an old tea towel to add extra shine.


If you have any cleaning tips for the home or would like to know more about cleaning products and methods, please feel free to comment or click on the relevant links.