5 Tips To Select And Install A New Front Door For Your Home

new front doorChoosing to purchase a new door for the front of a home offers many benefits that go beyond the simple act of improving the look of the residence. A new door may offer better security than an older door, and may also improve the energy efficiency of the home by reducing cooled or heated air that escapes.

Not only do today’s front doors come in beautiful styles and colors, but it’s not just wooden doors that are popular these days. Iron doors are particularly popular today as are doors offering a combination of glass or wood. The following considerations should be on the table during any front door search.

1. Determine The Door Budget

Installing a door is a process that can be rather inexpensive and straightforward or it can be a substantial project. When the installation requires nothing more complex than the hanging of the new door, the overall project cost won’t be much more than the cost of the door itself.

Changing the size of the doorframe takes a professional contractor’s help as the structural integrity of the house will need to be maintained. Despite the work required of such a project, increasing the size of the entryway with a larger door or a set of double doors can offer a dramatic improvement to the home’s appearance.

2. Choose The Door Type Or Material

Before considerations of design and color, the home owner should decide what type of material would be best for the door. Perhaps an iron door with etched glass features would be the best choice for one home while a traditional wood paneled door might look best on another home’s facade.

Other considerations of door type may include whether the door might swing inward or outward or whether the handle needs to be on the right side or the left.

3. Choose The Door Style And Finish

The type of finish or design of the door may depend on the material used to manufacture the door, but other considerations may include paint and varnish. An iron door probably won’t require painting, but with a wooden door, a home owner might need to consider how various stains might look with the color of the house.

4. Consider Door Accessories

Once the style and type of the door is chosen, other elements to consider will include choices of hardware for the door handle, the locking mechanism and a door knocker. Doors may also be paired with panels installed to the left and right of the door or a window accent installed above the door. Such accents usually require some construction or contractor assistance.

5. Arrange Door Installation

Most doors will require some level of help regarding installation as it’s usually too difficult to lift an exterior door without help so as to hang it properly. Obviously a project involving structural change will need to be arranged through a contractor, but even a basic door installation requires a little planning and might benefit from the involvement of a local handyman.

Getting the right door for a home usually involves more than answering the single question of what color to purchase. All of these decisions need to be made within the budget allotted for the project.

Paul Gilbert has worked as a general contractor for the past 9 years. You can find more front door installation tips at Doors4Home.com.