The Low Down On Double Glazing

double glazing
Double glazing is a great way to keep heat into your home, reduce your energy bills and reduce street noise all in one attractive package. Fitting double glazing to your home makes your home more attractive and offers superb insulation against the elements and noise. Here are some advantages and facts which you might not have known about double glazing.

Double glazing is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your home to help reduce your energy bills and enhance the appearance. Double glazing in Preston offers superb thermal performance and a range of benefits for any kind of property.


FACT 1 : The best types of window frame are uPVC window frames. They are the most energy efficient and require almost no maintenance when compared to other materials.

FACT 2 : Double glazed windows are far more efficient than single glazing and will save you between 25 to 50% on your heat loss.

FACT 3 : Lubricating locks and handles on double glazed windows and doors can help to increase their lifespan.

FACT 4 : Screws used in the installation process may become stuck over time. You can easily remedy this by applying lemon juice or coke, leaving it to soak and then removing the jammed screw.


Benefits of Double Glazing…


Easy Maintenance

Once you have had your windows and doors double glazed they are then maintenance free. They look great from the moment they are finished and unlike wood they will not splinter, peel, crack or rot. Frames are stylish and durable and above all hassle free.


Sound Insulation

Double glazing is a great barrier against outside noise. In fact, so efficient are doubled glazed windows and doors, they can reduce noise by as much as 50% when closed.



Double glazed windows not only look great but they also keep your home safe and secure. Windows and doors are the first point of entry for potential thieves yet these windows offer a big deterrent. The locks are heavy duty and fully lockable from the inside, they form a tight seal against their frames and being two toughened window glass thick, they are not so easy to smash.



Double glazing is an efficient way to stop heat escaping from your home. Doubled glazed windows consist of two separate panes of glass with an air gap inbetween. This air gap acts as an effective barrier against heat loss. This gap can also be filled with an insulating yet invisible gas which can further insulate the property.


Lower Fuel Bills

By retaining the heat in your home, double glazing means that you are not going to need to use the heating quite so much thus leading to lower energy bills. Fitting these types of windows and doors can dramatically reduce your fuel bills and give you a warm and comfortable home.