Effectively Integrating New Technology into Home Design

vivint-solar New home technologies seem to become strikingly more advanced every year. This is largely due to the growth of home automation, technology that allows homeowners to centralize the control of home functions. Home automation is meant to make home living faster, safer, more convenient and more energy efficient. Despite the growth of the industry, some people are hesitant to install features that will make their home feel more like a spaceship than an actual home. Companies like Vivint and ADT have made it a priority to create sleek looking displays that are easily integrated into a tactful design. Technology can be overbearing, and many homeowners don’t want it to distract from the comfortable feel and atmosphere of their homes. Continue reading

Stylish and Simple Tips for Decking the Halls


The holiday season is well and truly upon us. Every year, it seems, new styles and trends come into fashion in regards to holiday decorations. While some looks are timeless, a lot of interior designers and stylists work with specific themes to create a cohesive look. Having an ‘on trend’ home for the holidays is not just for the rich and famous, though. You can recreate those trends in your own home regardless of your budget.

Set a Mood and Stick to it

Some people like to decorate their house for the holidays with as much magic, whimsy, and fantasy as they can. Others love the down home and rustic style that harkens back to winters past. If you are the type that likes to transform your home into a wondrous place, be it glitzy and magical or down-to-earth and nostalgic, consider having a theme.

It does not matter where you look you will be able to find an idea for your theme. Rustic cottage-style decorations include wooden carved trinkets, country plaids, and more. Whimsical themes such as a ‘White Christmas’ include items in all various textures and patterns in shades of white. Continue reading

Explaining Queen Mattress Sets

Most people think that bigger is better when it comes to mattresses. And the largest bed you can buy is not always the same. Especially if you want to have it custom made. But when it comes to standard sizes, California king size mattress is the largest model available. But I have to say that bigger is not always better. Why? Simply because most bedrooms won’t be able to deal with that size. This is exactly why most people use queen size mattress sets.

There are five different mattress set sizes. Single or twin size, full, queen king and California king. The smallest size is usually used for children since they are the only one who are comfortable with that size. Also, twin mattresses are used in guest rooms. But for anything more comfortable, you will have to pick something bigger, since 39″ and 75″ won’t be enough.

Full mattress set is enough for one person to sleep comfortable, but when it comes to couples, it is best to avoid this size. And since King is just too big, huge number of people decides for a queen mattress set. It has enough space for two people to sleep comfortable and the bed is able to fit in almost any bedroom.

Queen and king are both 80 inches long, but the widths vary. This shouldn’t be the case, but it is. Many manufacturers do not stick to the standard measurements. Custom cut beds are known to be bigger or smaller then the standard sizes. And this is why a queen size mattress set that needs to be 60″ in width knows to be even bigger then standard king size mattresses. This is no often the case, but it happens. But, the dimensions are 60 for queen and 76 for king.

And when it comes to prices, the queen always has the advantage. It is not just because there is less material needed for that size. It’s more of a comfort that you pay when choosing a king size set. You get more space for two people and you need bigger mattress topper, pads and covers. This all costs money and salesman knows that. Then they charge a bit more then what they should, knowing that there is a big spender in front of them. A spender who wants comfort and can afford it. If you want some insider information to get a cheaper bed, visit this blog.

I can’t speak about the prices, since there are many different manufacturers on the market. Some queen mattress sets are $200 or $400, while others can be as high as $2,000. It all depends on what kind of options you decide for. And if you choose a brand like Sealy and Simmons, you will definitely pay more then getting a Restonic, Miralux or Kingsdown mattress set. Do not be fooled by prices though, some of them are simply there to get the money from the customer. A high price doesn’t always hide quality. You should investigate the product you are about to buy, just because of this.

The final word is: queen size bed set fits into smaller bedrooms and you get the comfort for two people in the same time. There will be plenty of room for tossing and turning too. You need to consider the brand and material, latex, memory foam, innerspring or an air bed. Whatever firmness level suits you, you should choose it, no matter what salesman says about the material. And in the end, it is your satisfaction that will buy the product. Just make sure you get the queen mattress set that will offer you comfort.