Cleaning? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


Cleaning the home is a necessary chore which none of us particularly enjoy but to keep our homes clean and healthy it is indeed a necessary evil. If you need to clean up in a hurry because you are expecting guests or you just simply do not have the time, then fear not! Here is a quick run down of the skill of Speed-Cleaning the Home!


Blitz that Bathroom!
The bathroom is a room everyone is going to use and a place that your guests are sure to visit. If you have the cash, consider hiring a steam cleaner for your bathroom. Otherwise, get it clean in 15 minutes or less like this…

  • In the Bag – pop an empty carrier bag onto the door handle to use as a temporary bin for your waste cloths or rubbish and you can also empty the bathroom bin into it.
  • Flush – Flush the loo and grab some bleach, pop it around the rim and use a brush to distribute it evenly. Now move on to the next task and leave it for 5 mins.
  • Shine – Use a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar and spritz onto a paper towel or micro fibre cloth. Attack all those soap scum marks and toothpaste splatter on mirrors and tops, dust on toilet tops and clean the sink bowl. Water spotted shower doors can also get a quick blast.
  • Exit Strategy – Shake any bathroom mats or rugs to fluff them up and then use another dampened paper towel to wipe in the corners of the bathroom where hair and dust collects. Pop the waste cloths in your rubbish bag, empty the waste bin too and then give the loo a flush to rinse the bleach! DONE!


Conquer that Kitchen!

The kitchen is another room in the house where everyone tends to gather. Your guests, family and friends will be casting a judgemental eye over your cooking space, so give them nothing to raise an eyebrow at with these quick tips.


  • Clear those counters
    Cooking is what the kitchen is intended to be for, so shift all those school books, piles of mail and put any appliances you don’t use away in the cupboards. Squirt a mutli-purpose cleaner over the worktops and wipe the whole lot down including around any remaining appliances and into the corners.


  • Raid the Fridge
    Pull a food waste bin over to the fridge and get busy finding all those lingering leftovers, rotting fruit or veg and spoiled food. Take out all the items you are keeping and give the walls and glass shelves a good wipe over with anti-bacterial cleaner.


  • Don’t dodge the dishes
    Stop pretending that you are going to get around to that pile of dishes from the other day! Pop them into the dishwasher or wash them and put them away. Hide away any dripping washing up bottles and run a sponge over the stainless steel bowl and drainer. Polish up with an old tea towel to add extra shine.


If you have any cleaning tips for the home or would like to know more about cleaning products and methods, please feel free to comment or click on the relevant links.


Why Select an Automatic Garage Door

Garage doors are one of the most frequently used tools in any household. Many people take them for granted, but choosing the proper garage door is very important. Some homeowners resort to using old fashioned manual garage doors. Although they can be inexpensive, this type has many safety hazards and inconveniences associated with it.

A poorly designed or maintained door can fall or collapse, potentially leading to serious injury or even death. They also wear down easily over time and can require frequent, and expensive, maintenance. Consumers need a garage door that they can depend on, especially in these fast paced times. The last thing that homeowners need to worry about is whether they can depend on their garage door to run properly.

That is why consumers should choose an automatic garage door. The benefits of this brand are numerous. They are much more convenient than their manual counterparts because you can simply open and close them with a remote controlled device. It works just like television remote controls. Just keep your garage door opener in a safe place inside your car and use it when necessary. Automatic garage doors are also much safer than manual ones. They include a laser beam that works as a stop mechanism. It kicks in if it senses an object below the door. This is invaluable for people who have kids or pets who might be playing in the area. If you are considering a garage door purchase, no factor is more important than safety. Most people don’t realize that tens of thousands of garage related injuries occur each year. Having an automatic door greatly reduces the chance of an injury or death occurring. Automatics also give you freedom of choice. There are many different options that you can select, including setting related to the door’s opening, closing, and speed. Manuals simply do not give you this kind of flexibility.

Garage door maintenance is very important, and it’s easier to perform with automatics. Homeowners should frequently inspect their doors for wear and tear, including the gears. While manual garage doors need frequent inspection, automatic ones are far tougher and more durable. They will make life easier for you and your family by needing fewer examinations. If you do need to repair or replace parts of your door, the procedure will be much cheaper than it would be with a manual. Always make sure to have your garage doors treated by a trained professional when they need maintenance.

Automatic garage doors have all of the strengths of their manual counterparts and none of their weaknesses. They are the ultra convenient alternative to old fashioned garage doors. Do some research and try to find the best deals in your area. You are guaranteed to not regret selecting an automatic garage door.

When selecting the correct garage door motor to automate your door, there are many companies that will offer advice on the best solution to meet your requirements however more often than not the best place to look is online where you will find a wide range of retailers happy to help. They will even be able to supply you with new garage doors at discount prices if required.

Making Your Bedroom Grown-Up Friendly


Being a parent is full of rewards as well as compromises. One thing every parent will tell you is that your life changes once you have children. That includes your home and of course your design that you have worked on when you didn’t have children. The joys of parenting include treats such as watching your little one explore the world around them, learning and growing every day by leaps and bounds.

Gone are the days of perfect tidy family rooms and in their place are toy bins, small chairs, baby blankets and more. The family areas are now just that- areas that reflect the whole family. Having a family-friendly home does not mean you need to give up on your magazine-worthy interior daydreams all across the home. Consider creating a stylish and grown-up retreat in your very own bedroom instead and use this as your retreat.

A Room That Reflects You

Just as your children have dcor and furniture in their bedrooms that reflect their own style, you can as well. However, instead of princesses, zoo animals, or trucks, parents can design their bedroom with more mature tastes and styles in mind. You can enjoy your bedroom as much as your kids enjoy theirs. For inspiration, look in your favourite design, fashion, or pop culture magazines. These publications often feature new trends and ideas on how to execute these fashions in your own home.

Stylish choices from sites like Designer Bed Linen are a good place to start. You can personalize your bed with pretty and colourful designs. Choose a style that reflects your taste as well as something that is very cosy. After all, one thing a parent can appreciate is sleep.

Free to Share

If you want to bring a little of your special little ones into your decoration, consider displaying your gifts from your children as fine art. Frame finger paintings and place them on your bedside table alongside that handmade vase or handpicked flowers. Your children will love that you included their art and gifts as part of your grown-up area. Additionally, for those nights when your bed becomes more of a family bed than a grown-up place, keep a special blanket and pillow just for your children in a chest or basket by your bed. This will allow you to keep your space with your style while allowing for an easy transition for family time.

As a parent, you do not need to give up in terms of style simply because you share your home with young children. While the entire house is a testament to the fun, love, and excitement that comes with being part of a family, you can still have a special place. With a few quick switches, you can claim your bedroom in the name of your own style while continuing showing off your family centred lifestyle. Add a new set of fashionable bed linens and some personal dcor touches and you will have a bedroom retreat perfectly suited just to you.