The Lowdown On Restoring Antique Furniture

If you own a price of period furniture or maybe a family heirloom, then you might have considered having it restored back to its former glory. Alternatively, you may have a great piece of quality furniture which is looking a little tired and dated. Either way, taking the time to have these pieces restored and reupholstered is worth every penny spent.

Furniture is simply not made to the same quality as it was in days gone by. Demand for cheap products produced as quickly as possibly has meant that machines have all but replaced our craftsmen.

In the past, furniture makers used top quality woods, hand crafted joints and top quality springs and fabrics with which to produce their pieces. Today we see the widespread use of MDF, chipboard and formica, just some of the cheap and quick solutions used to produce furniture so quickly.

So if you are lucky enough to own a quality piece of furniture, then treat it with a little love and attention and it will reward you with many years of loyal and comfortable service.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration is a really interesting topic and knowing when to take the time to restore a piece can be confusing. Many pieces of antique furniture have already been restored at some point in their lives often to fit in with changing fashions and time. In days gone by, if a new piece of furniture could not be afforded, it was simply re-polished, repainted or sometimes even worse! Legs chopped down, drawers changed and parts ripped off! For instance, on the German Biedermeier tables (1820), the apron was often cut off so that more modern chairs could be used without guests having their legs squashed. The original chairs which came with the table did not feature upholstery and therefore were low enough to allow for the apron.

Many pieces of antique furniture are unnecessarily stripped, sanded and polished when it is not necessary, so before you start to attack your period piece, think about cleaning it first. Antique furniture looks better for its dents and darkened patches and if you are looking for something which is pristine and shines then maybe antique furniture is not for you.

Reupholstering old furniture

If you have a beloved piece of furniture of which you love the shape and look then reupholstery makes the perfect choice if you want to bring that piece back to life and up to date. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a much loved family heirloom which you wish to preserve and yet it is starting to look tired and dated?

Whatever your reason, upholstery is a great way to keep your quality furniture for generations to come and keep it up to date at the same time. There are quite a few traditional craftsmen in the UK who can reupholster your furniture in your choice of fabric or leather. Using traditional methods, craftsmen will strip back the old material, check all the joints for wear and tear, repair and replace before recovering in your choice of fabric.

Buying A New Bed For Your New Home

First thing you will do after you finish painting your new bedroom is to put a bed in it. But, if you are buying a new bed it could seem like a minefield trying to decide what to opt for. Not only do you have to choose a type of mattress you also need to think about the base as well.

A divan is probably still the most popular choice of bed base in the UK, although as interior design trends change a lot of people are starting to get bedframes. A divan is basically an upholstered box that your mattress will sit on top of. However, while that sounds simple enough there are many options to choose from. Here is the Dreams guide I found to the type of divan bed you may come across.

Sprung edge divans

These have open coil springs or pocket spring units mounted into the top of the divan and give extra support across the whole mattress. Because of the extra springs they also act a bit like a shock absorber so will increase the life span of the mattress ” but make sure you get a mattress that is designed to go with a sprung edge divan.

Solid platform divans

These basically do what it says on the tin. Unlike the sprung edge divan they have a solid base so are firmer to sleep on and are also often cheaper.

Firm edge divans

These normally have a solid side with a small number of heavy duty springs in the base.

Flexible slatted divans

These have a slatted base mounted into a divan so offer a certain level of springiness

Storage beds

With a lot of divans you also have the option to add storage solutions into your bed base. This could be great if you need a bit of extra storage. A lot of divans will come with draws underneath them which are ideal for storing things like sheets and duvets.

You may also find that some beds have sliders at either the side or base to access the interior of the bed. But for the ultimate in storage solutions you could go for an ottoman bed where the base lifts up so you can store items underneath the divan base.

Another thing you will have to pay attention to when getting a new bed is the mattress. You may already be aware how important a good mattress is for a good night of sleep. Too soft or too hard sleeping surface will cause aches and pain throughout your body. And this is something that won’t go away, that pain in your back will be there every time you wake up.

This is why it is important to get a proper mattress. And nowadays, that’s harder than ever because there are so many of them on the market right now. You could visit to find out which brands are reliable, what kind of material would be best for your needs and what’s the expected price. With all these things taken care of, you will have a great bed and bedroom to enjoy in!

Why You Should Shop For Pool Accessories In The Winter

You just finished putting the cover on the pool for the winter after the laborious closing and winterizing process, the last thing you want to think about is your pool, right? Well, if you’re an avid user of your pool there’s a lot to think about and do over the winter if you’re looking to stock up on accessories and supplies. If you had your eye on pool supplies this year, but backed off because of bad weather or lack of cash on hand, you might want to try your luck shopping this winter.

It was a TERRIBLE year for pool retailers

According to one of the biggest suppliers in the industry, online pool sales were down roughly 25 percent this summer. Many in the industry do a huge portion of their sales in the Midwest and the Northeast and it was a terrible year for pool weather. Where we’re located in Michigan, it wasn’t uncommon for people to hold off opening their pools until well into June or even July. This led to a domino effect of less sales for chemicals, less equipment sales and less accessories.

As a customer, this works to your advantage in a couple of different ways. First, many suppliers have warehouses chock full of inventory. While some in the industry might be content to sit on their stock until next year, a lot of smaller players in the industry likely can’t afford the cash flow hit and will be willing to sell their remaining stock for next to nothing or even at a loss.

No inventory no prob…wait, there’s still a problem

For online stores that drop ship, they likely didn’t fare much better than companies that hold their own inventory. This is an industry that runs on thin margins, so just the drop in sales was a big hit to many drop shippers as well. To even out these companies will have to beef up sales in the fall and winter.

You’ll notice many online pool stores carry other items to appeal to a broader audience after pool season’s over. Many of these places carry items like table games, dart boards or winter toys (our store is no exception). So as a consumer, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for general discounts and coupons for these stores. While the majority of their sales will likely be for these out of season items, if they offer general 10% off coupons (as they try to grow sales for the offseason segment) you can likely swing an amazing deal on a big ticket item or even some basic accessories. In a perfect scenario, you can find a discount code you can compound with end of season clearance prices and save yourself 25% or more. If you were looking at a big ticket item like a pump or a filter, this could add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Don’t forget brick and mortar

Obviously, local pool stores weren’t immune to the tough pool season either. Even better, you can walk in and see their inventory and easily scope out online prices with your smartphone. If you can find last year’s model or find something you need that’s been collecting dust on the store shelf, use internet pricing to bargain for a great deal.