The Lowdown On Restoring Antique Furniture

If you own a price of period furniture or maybe a family heirloom, then you might have considered having it restored back to its former glory. Alternatively, you may have a great piece of quality furniture which is looking a little tired and dated. Either way, taking the time to have these pieces restored and reupholstered is worth every penny spent.

Furniture is simply not made to the same quality as it was in days gone by. Demand for cheap products produced as quickly as possibly has meant that machines have all but replaced our craftsmen.

In the past, furniture makers used top quality woods, hand crafted joints and top quality springs and fabrics with which to produce their pieces. Today we see the widespread use of MDF, chipboard and formica, just some of the cheap and quick solutions used to produce furniture so quickly.

So if you are lucky enough to own a quality piece of furniture, then treat it with a little love and attention and it will reward you with many years of loyal and comfortable service.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration is a really interesting topic and knowing when to take the time to restore a piece can be confusing. Many pieces of antique furniture have already been restored at some point in their lives often to fit in with changing fashions and time. In days gone by, if a new piece of furniture could not be afforded, it was simply re-polished, repainted or sometimes even worse! Legs chopped down, drawers changed and parts ripped off! For instance, on the German Biedermeier tables (1820), the apron was often cut off so that more modern chairs could be used without guests having their legs squashed. The original chairs which came with the table did not feature upholstery and therefore were low enough to allow for the apron.

Many pieces of antique furniture are unnecessarily stripped, sanded and polished when it is not necessary, so before you start to attack your period piece, think about cleaning it first. Antique furniture looks better for its dents and darkened patches and if you are looking for something which is pristine and shines then maybe antique furniture is not for you.

Reupholstering old furniture

If you have a beloved piece of furniture of which you love the shape and look then reupholstery makes the perfect choice if you want to bring that piece back to life and up to date. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a much loved family heirloom which you wish to preserve and yet it is starting to look tired and dated?

Whatever your reason, upholstery is a great way to keep your quality furniture for generations to come and keep it up to date at the same time. There are quite a few traditional craftsmen in the UK who can reupholster your furniture in your choice of fabric or leather. Using traditional methods, craftsmen will strip back the old material, check all the joints for wear and tear, repair and replace before recovering in your choice of fabric.

Explaining Queen Mattress Sets

Most people think that bigger is better when it comes to mattresses. And the largest bed you can buy is not always the same. Especially if you want to have it custom made. But when it comes to standard sizes, California king size mattress is the largest model available. But I have to say that bigger is not always better. Why? Simply because most bedrooms won’t be able to deal with that size. This is exactly why most people use queen size mattress sets.

There are five different mattress set sizes. Single or twin size, full, queen king and California king. The smallest size is usually used for children since they are the only one who are comfortable with that size. Also, twin mattresses are used in guest rooms. But for anything more comfortable, you will have to pick something bigger, since 39″ and 75″ won’t be enough.

Full mattress set is enough for one person to sleep comfortable, but when it comes to couples, it is best to avoid this size. And since King is just too big, huge number of people decides for a queen mattress set. It has enough space for two people to sleep comfortable and the bed is able to fit in almost any bedroom.

Queen and king are both 80 inches long, but the widths vary. This shouldn’t be the case, but it is. Many manufacturers do not stick to the standard measurements. Custom cut beds are known to be bigger or smaller then the standard sizes. And this is why a queen size mattress set that needs to be 60″ in width knows to be even bigger then standard king size mattresses. This is no often the case, but it happens. But, the dimensions are 60 for queen and 76 for king.

And when it comes to prices, the queen always has the advantage. It is not just because there is less material needed for that size. It’s more of a comfort that you pay when choosing a king size set. You get more space for two people and you need bigger mattress topper, pads and covers. This all costs money and salesman knows that. Then they charge a bit more then what they should, knowing that there is a big spender in front of them. A spender who wants comfort and can afford it. If you want some insider information to get a cheaper bed, visit this blog.

I can’t speak about the prices, since there are many different manufacturers on the market. Some queen mattress sets are $200 or $400, while others can be as high as $2,000. It all depends on what kind of options you decide for. And if you choose a brand like Sealy and Simmons, you will definitely pay more then getting a Restonic, Miralux or Kingsdown mattress set. Do not be fooled by prices though, some of them are simply there to get the money from the customer. A high price doesn’t always hide quality. You should investigate the product you are about to buy, just because of this.

The final word is: queen size bed set fits into smaller bedrooms and you get the comfort for two people in the same time. There will be plenty of room for tossing and turning too. You need to consider the brand and material, latex, memory foam, innerspring or an air bed. Whatever firmness level suits you, you should choose it, no matter what salesman says about the material. And in the end, it is your satisfaction that will buy the product. Just make sure you get the queen mattress set that will offer you comfort.

A short guide on buying top mattresses


Are you planning to buy a quality top mattress but not sure how to start with the research? Well, don’t worry; you are on the right page where you can get the best information that will help you buy the product, which would be value for money. With so many companies that are ready in the market to provide you with a top mattress, you will certainly get confused. However, the best way to get the right company and choose the product that is worth buying is by learning more about top mattresses and then choosing the one that fits both your needs and budget. Continue reading